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Rob waiving atop of the Downtown Carwash building
Robert MacQueen

Owner/Operator of Downtown Carwash

Finding Value Where Others Didn't

Downtown Carwash was organized in 2019 to repurpose an abandoned motorbank building in our old city center. As a semi-retired couple, returning to OUR Corpus Christi after 25 years of career life travel, a local carwash seemed a great fit for this old pigeon-infested, abandoned hunk-o-concrete. We’re quite happy with the progress. Our local, cross-the-street park (La Retama) has more pedestrian and dog walking activity; streets are cleaner and lots of new small business opportunities abound. Our DMD has done a nice job as a catalyst for change: We’ve enjoyed their support.

Protect Your Car

True Touch-Free Carwash

When thinking about car washing in downtown, we noticed a lack of brushless / touch-free (ZERO slapping of your car with plastic bristles or straps which drag debris across the vehicle’s ClearCoat)  service in the heart of Corpus Christi. We believe our city executives, young professionals, fellow downtown businesses, and frequent tourists, would benefit greatly from the most powerful, truly frictionless, high-water pressure-based system currently available on the market. We selected our Wash Unit for its power (1000+ psi), completely stainless-steel components, and a track record for excellent operational and technical support. As a small point of pride, the nearest Texas city with this level of touch-free machine is Ft Worth! Along the same line, we purchased our Dryer Unit for its stainless-steel construction, 5-producer power, and noise/decibel level; It’s the quietest blower system available on the market.

Revive Corpus Christi

Community Improvement

We believe our downtown city-center needs more small business investment to avoid the type of urban decay currently found in many once great American cities.  If we, young-ish retirees, aren’t willing to step up for our town…who then? Married in 1993 only one block away from our carwash location, we saw more and more storefronts/buildings covered in plywood or bearing decades old sale/lease signage. Who wants to get their hands dirty for our Sparkling City by the Bay? We do. Many great folks have walked the talk with us. We are so gratified and heartened by the many citizens who support and patronize local mom & pop downtown businesses: Texas hot, Corpus cool!

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Fun Trivia

About Rob

In our previous career and associated assignments, Rob, at some point in 25 years of  government work, washed or supervised the washing of the limo/Suburban carrying Presidents Ford, Carter, Reagan, GHW Bush, Clinton, GW Bush, and (then Senator & candidate) Obama. 


Further, Rob was cross-trained as a Rescue Swimmer by his Federal employer…so he REALLY likes water! Especially: taking city tap water; softening it to remove calcium and magnesium (which create water spots), then carbon-filtering it; then pushing it through a Reverse Osmosis membrane; all before it is final rinse sprayed on your car…applying Spot-free water which is TEN TIMES cleaner than many in our carwash industry who label their water as “spot-free” and…its 100x cleaner than the garden hose at any metro Corpus residence.  

Between college graduation (awaiting orders) and active service in the U.S Marines, Rob was a wheel and tire scrubber at the Sanibel Island car wash in Sanibel, FL. 


In sum, WE LOVE CLEAN WATER and LOVE CLEAN CARS!! Hope to see ya’ll soon.

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